Ottawa, ON – Following their Canadian series victories in Sebring, Florida this past March,  the Mark Motors Racing team swept the podium at the Ultra 94 Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Canada by Yokohoma this weekend at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park in Bomanville, Ontario.


Battling through unpredictable weather that included rain showers and thick fog, the Mark Motors Racing team showed great resilience in the face of challenging conditions. Even through the inclement weather, Mark Motors drivers Zach Robichon, Roman De Angelis, and Perry Bortolotti adapted brilliantly, taking unique driving lines and innovative race strategies to gain the competitive edge.


In Race 1 of the Platinum Class, Robichon started in pole position and jumped to an early lead ahead of the pack, while De Angelis quickly advanced from third to second and battled throughout the race to hold his gains. Robichon crossed the line in first place with De Angelis close behind in second. The race marked Robichon’s third consecutive victory of the season, maintaining his undefeated streak.


In the Platinum Masters Race, Bortolotti hit the track in his first race of the season and finished first on the podium!


Following Race 1 De Angelis spoke about the rain and the non-stop challenges from Remo Ruscitti in the No.96 car behind him: “The rain made it tricky and exciting, and having Ruscitti chasing me meant I couldn’t make mistakes. I just kept trying to lay down smooth and consistent laps. Robichon clearly dominated this race and it was nice to be able to learn from him and pick up some pointers moving forward.”


In Race 2 of the Platinum Class, De Angelis held the gains he made in the first race to again cross the finish in second place. Zach Robichon jumped to an early lead at the start and held it for the duration of the 45-minute race, extending his undefeated streak to four races.  “I couldn’t be more proud of what the team achieved this weekend” said Robichon. “We were able to secure the win on both days in two completely different conditions and not only did we take the top step, De Angelis was right there in both races to bring home a Mark Motors Racing 1-2. Bestline Autotech prepared some fantastic cars for us and we will look to continue our success in Montreal in a few weeks.”


Driver Perry Bortolotti finished 7th overall and clinched back-to-back Platinum Masters wins. “It was a very good weekend for the Mark Motors Team with 1st and 2nd place finishes in platinum and my 1st place podiums in Masters” said Bortolotti. “The rain conditions of the first race made it very challenging with the objective of bringing the car home safe. The second race had perfect conditions and I was able to run mid pack. A late course caution stacked everyone back up again and I thought this was my chance. On the restart I got held up for several corners by a back marker and had to fight my way back only to run out of laps. All in all, it was a blast and I am looking forward to getting back in the car for the Toronto Indy race weekend.”


As the team heads into the next weekend of racing at the Formula 1 race in Montreal next month, it’s clear there is a healthy level of competition driving them on, as De Angelis explains. “This year will no doubt push me to become a better driver and working with my teammate Robichon and battling him will only improve my skills.”


“The teams patience this weekend showed in their results. Really proud of them! It was a great weekend for Mark Motors racing and we look forward to Montreal!” said team owner Liza Mrak


Stay tuned and follow Mark Motors Racing for their next race weekend at Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada in Montreal, Quebec June 9th and 10th.



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