It Takes One Hell of a Team To Win 4 Consecutive Championships

Vito, Georges, and Matt are the heart of Bestline Autotech and Mark Motors Racing. Having worked together since 2008, their different background allow them to excel in their own separate areas and create one of the best team atmospheres you will ever see. At the race track they are joined by long time friend and motorsports expert Chris Goessl, who acts as a crew chief to keep all the drivers in line. Together, they form the winningest team in Porsche GT3 Cup Canada history and once you get to know them, it comes as no shock as to why that is. In 2016, the team was handed the “Spirit of Speed” award by IMSA, a yearly award that goes out to the team that best demonstrates the true racing spirit of Porsche.

Vito Scavone

Vito Scavone

Team Manager

Unlike most motorsports enthusiasts who were introduced to the sport through go-karts, Vito found his passion for motorsports climbing a hill; literally. In 1966, based in Switzerland at the time, Vito began racing the prestigious Porsche 911 up the hills … (Read more).


Georges “Hollywood” Bourque

Technical Engineer

Before Vito, came go-karts, girls, cars and school. Having grown up on a race track on Canada’s eastern shoreline of New Brunswick, Georges gained success in the 100cc go-kart division before dominating the IMSA Cup Car series with his father … (Read more).

Matt Hardiman

Data Acquisition Expert & Co-engineer

Matt’s the type of crew member that likes to “get s#!t done.” Never one to mine words, Matt joined Bestline Autotech after successful stints in the Honda CRX category and following his development at Petrorf (Porsche) Performance. When Matt’s … (Read more).

Chris Goessi

Crew Chief

Chris was always interested in cars or anything else with a motor attached to it. As a kid, he would tinker with go-carts, boats and cars with his brother (the real gear head of the family). In the mid 80’s, Chris’ friends decided they wanted to go stock car … (Read more).


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