Masters contenders Etienne Borgeat, Anthony Mantella and Marco Cirone jockeyed for the Masters lead in the first half of the 45-minute sprint of the 2013 Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières. On Lap 22, Mantella starting picking up ground on leader Borgeat. Four laps later, only five tenths separated Mantella and Borgeat, with Cirone behind Mantella by only eight tenths. Entering the final 15 minutes of the race, Cirone made his way around Mantella in Turn 6 to take the second Masters position.

Cirone continued to push forward and gain on Borgeat, meanwhile Mantella took a spin in Turn 6 into the tire wall and lost his position to Perry Bortolotti for third Masters position. As race control made the command for “white flag next lap”, Cirone made a pass on Borgeat in turn 9 for the Masters lead. The Mark Motors Racing driver was able to hold his position until the checkered and take his sixth win of the 2013 season. Cirone finished in fifth position in Platinum Cup, after starting the grid in tenth.

Bortolotti joined teammate Cirone on the podium for the fourth time this year.


Marco Cirone: First Place Masters Championship
“It was fantastic weather for us and I’m really impressed with the crowd that showed up. They’re fantastic fans and the corner workers, everybody who put this race together I’m really impressed. I’m already looking forward to coming back next year. I want to thank my sponsors and my team for a great car and racing with all these guys in the series. I’m proud to be a part of it.”

Perry Bortolotti: Third Place Masters Championship
“I just want to take my hat off and compliment the staff at GP3R. What a fantastic venue. This is my first time here – amazing track, amazing facility, amazing fans. We’re looking forward to coming back here. And a shout out to our sponsor Mark Motors Racing.”

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