Snow may still be on the ground, but that doesn’t mean that the Mark Motors Racing Team hasn’t been hard at work preparing for the 2014 race season.

Not only will drivers Marco Cirone and Perry Bortolotti be sporting newly designed Mark Motors Racing Cup Cars for the 2014 race season, but both drivers have been practicing throughout the year, ensuring they will be in tip-top shape for the start of the season.

Marco recently traveled to the Sebring International Raceway for testing, and even finished in third place overall in the Platinum Cup Masters.

“It was an incredibly competitive race. It seemed like from positions two through seven everyone was within 100ths of a second and there was constant changes in position, and we managed to find a way to the podium,” said Cirone.

Perry and the Mark Motors Racing Team also made appearances at the Ottawa Gatineau Auto Show, meeting fans and debuting the new Mark Motors Racing Cup Car.

Mark Motors Racing plans on taking the 2014 race season by storm. We look forward to a highly competitive and exciting race season, and can’t wait to see you out on the track!