MMR on Victory Podium

The Ultra 94 Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Canada by Michelin 2013 season officially concluded in Calabogie, Ontario at the KBC Grand Prix Race Weekend. The bond between Mark Motors Racing teammates Marco Cirone and Perry Bortolotti was evident as Cirone bounded up the stairs to accept his first award of the night – First Place Platinum Masters Champion. Cirone thanked sponsors, the crew and family, but left teammate Bortolotti for last. As he concluded his speech, he said he wished the two of them could race together forever and said he couldn’t have done it without his ‘wingman,’ Bortolotti.

Immediately following, the two Italians joined the stage together to receive Porsche’s Spirit of Speed Award, given to the driver(s) that best exemplify the passion and sportsmanship required for a successful and safe season in motorsports. This year IMSA and Porsche Canada chose both Cirone and Bortolotti, as they are always the first to shake hands with their competitors, and quick to display their appreciation and support for the Ultra 94 Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Canada by Michelin series.

“When they announced it I was really surprised, but then when I had a chance to think about it it was a good award for us because our team not only works for us but they’re like family,” Cirone said. “We all try to work together and go as fast as we possibly can. I think it was very well deserved on the part of the team and of Mark Motors.”